Advantages and applications of box profile sheets

Advantages and applications of box profile sheets
Box profile sheets are suitable for installing on walls and roofs. Due to their low price and high durability, they are commonly used in industrial and residential applications. Box profile sheeting is highly popular in the construction industry and has become a permanent part of the landscape in Kenya. Structures based on this material can be seen in almost every larger town.

Types of box profile sheets: cladding and structural

The primary division of box profile sheets is the distinction between cladding and structural metal sheets.

Cladding metal sheet is used as external cladding for wall and roof partitions. It is used in cold storage sites, for: constructions and cladding metal sheeting; or for warm storage sites: constructions, thermal insulation material, and cladding box profile sheet. The thickness of the cladding metal sheet coatings manufactured by Balex Metal varies between 25 and 55 micrometres. This material is available in thicknesses from 0.50 to 0.70 mm, and various profile heights are available from 2 mm (optical profile) to 60 mm.

Structural metal sheets are only used as a component of entire roofing systems. On the outside, they are protected with a 15-micrometre coating. There is also a primer coat on the external surface, and forms part of a complete roofing system in combination with thermal insulation materials and a cladding layer (e.g. tar paper, upright seam panelling, membranes etc.).

Balex Metal structural metal sheets are made of good grade steel (S320GD), meaning that the material is strong and capable of carrying loads, even across large spans. Metal sheets are available in a wide range of profile heights and thicknesses, which in turn allows the optimum solution to be selected for any given project, according to the load rating requirements.

Anti-corrosion protection of box profile sheets

All box profile sheets in the Balex Metal range are galvanised and covered with a protective coating: aluzinc, SP 25 polyester, Perła Mat SP 35 polyester, or Cesar PUR 55. The Cesar coating features higher corrosion resistance (RC1-RC5).

Photo by Gamora Mag / ZIN NGUYEN
Photo by Gamora Mag / ZIN NGUYEN
Photo by Gamora Mag / ZIN NGUYEN

Box profile sheet with a polyester coating

In residential construction, roofs are often fitted with polyester-coated box profile sheets. However, not everyone knows that such finish also protects the roof from weather conditions and corrosion. In this case, the box profile sheet metal core is primarily finished with a passivated zinc and priming layer, and finally a polyester coating with a thickness of 15-40 micrometres. In most cases, the final layer consists of polyester, puriar or plastisol.

Aluzinc box profile sheet

This metal sheet is covered with a layer of zinc and aluminium alloy on both sides. The galvanisation process results in metal binding. Thanks to this coating, aluzinc roof coverings are even more resistant to weather conditions. Box profile sheets are the recommended finish for warehouse, manufacturing and other industrial facility roofs.

Advantages of box profile sheets

Box profile sheets primarily feature very high durability, a result of its resistance to weather conditions, including low and high temperatures in particular. Roof components made of box profile sheets can be thicker than coverings of other steel sheet materials, which also results in a higher resistance to extreme weather conditions, as well as heavy rain, hail or snow.

Quick, hence inexpensive installation

Optimised construction costs do not have to mean low quality materials. One of the ways to reduce costs is to reduce the installation costs. In this respect, box profile sheets form a very advantageous solution, because quick and easy installation has a considerable impact on reducing workmanship costs. Quicker project completion enables much earlier business profits.

The estimated cost of laying metal sheet starts from a dozen PLN per 1 m², which is a cost-effective alternative to the installation of other roof coverings. Other roof covering installation costs can be up to three times higher.

Another great advantage of box profile sheets is in the affordable price. 1 m² of galvanised metal sheet costs, depending on various parameters, a dozen PLN, while coloured box profile sheet is only a few PLN more expensive.

Applications of box profile sheets

Box profile sheets are primarily used in large manufacturing, warehouse and storage plants, sheds, as well as various kinds of large-format buildings (even with a slope of only five degrees).

It is worth knowing that box profile sheets form one of the most commonly used covering materials, for both larger and smaller industrial roofing constructions. This type of covering is rarely used on residential building roofs.

Box profile sheets are very often used not only for roof coverings, but also as to create simple canopy roofs. This could be for bus stops, staircase entrances, garages, bike sheds or platform covers. In these cases, box profile sheets are primarily used due to the low price, as well as easy installation. Due to the light weight, it does not need complicated, time-consuming and expensive support structures.

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