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PVC ceiling are popular all over the world including Africa, Europe, Asia countries etc. The buckle plates adopt a high-quality PVC material manufactured right here in Kenya. Our products are stylish and elegant substitute for ordinary ceilings.

The Our PVC Ceilings have the advantages of being light weight, easy to install, waterproof, moisture proof, moth proof, a virulent insipidity, corrosion resistant, durable and long lasting. What more can the Taifa PVC Rain Gutters offer?  The various patterns and designs of the PVC Ceilings insures the most stunning combination of ceiling styles, the sky is the limit with your creativeness in creating an even more inspired way of living.

The most important aspects of any ceiling installation whether it be household or corporate is safety. Therefore it important to know that our Taifa PVC ceilings have passed the National Fire Protection Inspection tests for fire resistance standards. 

With such qualities it will be difficult to find a alternative product which attains the beauty and elegance of modern architectural design and at the same time being cost effective, eco-friendly and conforms to National Health Standards.

Before installation, all the profiles need to be checked to make sure they have the same length or lengths corresponding to the wall panel's surface. In cases of damp, damaged or uneven walls we recommend the use of treated timbers for framework.

Necessary Materials for The Installation: PVC Wall Panels, PVC Top Corners (e F2-L), PVC Connective Jointers (0 H-L), PVC End Trims (C) 7-L), PVC Internal Jointers (0 W-L), PVC External Jointers (0 Y-L), Stalls for Wood, Plastic Dowels, Wooden Branderings, Nails and Screws.


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22 February 2018


PVC Ceiling