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Taifa PVC Rain Gutters

PVC Rain Gutters

New Design PVC rain gutter also called Box profile gutters, are an interesting alternative to traditional guttering systems. They collect the water that runs off the roof, protecting the home's siding, basement and foundation from water damage. PVC gutters definitely have a big upside: like any plastic product, they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Of course, this strength is important when it comes to any exterior installation, especially guttering which has to endure some serious rain and extreem temperature.

Gutters are built to endure any abuse nature throws its way, and are carefully constructed to carry the water efficiently and effectively to the ground.

Divert rainwater from your gutters to your swimming pool, a water storage tank or your garden with our gutter hose sleeves.

Our PVC gutters handle working pressure up to 4 bar and a maximum burst pressure of up to 15 bar. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 25 to 150 mm diameters, and can be supplied in the exact length you require.


  • Robust, high-quality PVC cover provides long house life
  • Easy to fit on existing gutters and downpipes
  • Roll up hose for compact, easy storage
  • UV-treated cover


  • Fast delivery of your exact hose requirements
  • Can be used as a general purpose hose, for backwash water or on a pump to drain your pool
  • Ideal for light and heavy duty applications


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22 February 2018


PVC Rain Gutters